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Reiki Meditation

Reiki meditation holds many powerful benefits for people from all walks of life.  Throughout most people’s lives, they just wander through them in a state of confusion.  Order and balance are nearly impossible in these people’s lives.  Without specific tools to bring body, mind, and spirit into balance, one will often feel chaotic.  With the help of Reiki meditation, you can get your life on the right track.

Reiki meditation is one of many beneficial forms of meditation.  Like other forms of meditation, Reiki meditation involves silence, visualization, and reflection.  Breath control and object visualization are important parts of Reiki meditation.  You’ll find that, as you begin to get quiet, you can hear that inner voice within much clearer.  That inner voice is constantly trying to help you in all situations.  We can hear it with a little consideration and contemplation.  If we learn to tune into that voice and do what it says, our lives will be exponentially better. 

You will begin to relax while practicing Reiki meditation.  Relaxation is very important to both the body and the mind.  You also learn how to release pain and fear.  These types of thoughts can be crippling.  Once we learn that they are simply conditions that we create in our minds, we are much better off. 

The origins of Reiki are somewhat distorted.  There are many differing theories as to where it actually was started.  However, the new movement of Reiki can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century.  It was here that a Japanese man named Mikao Usui rediscovered this ancient art.  Most of the work that is available today originated from his findings.

The benefits of Reiki meditation are amazing.  It will help you achieve health and wellness by preventing illness.  While Reiki meditation will definitely help you stay healthy, it also has the ability to cure pre-existing illness as well.  Our body was designed to prevent illness.  The only time that we get sick is when things inside us don’t function properly.  Reiki meditation helps to keep everything in working order.  It basically allows the energy to flow freely through the various meridians and chakras of your body. 

In order to do a Reiki meditation, you must sit quietly in an upright position.  While breathing slowly, you must draw the power symbol in front of you.  Visualize a white light coming from your fingers. Then picture the symbol in your third eye and say it’s name three times.  Then let the symbol float up above you into a bright light.  Do this a few times.  You now have the healing power of the Reiki meditation.  By concentrating on yourself or someone else, you can actually heal them.  If you focus on a goal, Reiki meditation will help you achieve it.  After you are finished, quickly rub your hands together and relax. Regular practice of reiki meditation will help you to become a more calm, centered and loving person.

By Jack McCoy

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