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Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba meditation is a state of heightened and concentrated awareness that focuses on the geometric fields of energy around the human body which spin at incredibly high-speed.  Merkaba meditation is a simultaneously powerful and simple tool for healing and ascension. According to some, since the advent of the pollution of the body, mind and spirit, these energies have slowed and ceased their movement.  Without this, humans are only half alive, wandering through the world blindly and without reflection, deaf, dumb and mute to the wonders of the universe.  When this field of energy is reawakened through meditation and set into motion again, it is called a Merkaba, a rotating field of energy that is a great positive force through the spirit and the body. 

Through an understanding of the universal love and sacred geometry of the spinning spheres of light and power that once spun around us, we can access again the power that was once inherent in all humans, but now is quiet. 

The Merkaba meditation technique begins with a series of long breaths, and on each breath, there is deliberation and concentration on the shapes that the energy will take and the space it will fill.  Using a regimented series of breaths and postures, the person who practices Merkaba meditation will open themselves and make themselves vulnerable to a world  to which they previously had been blind.  As their own breath guides them through this discovery, the love that they receive equals that which they expend and they are refreshed and revitalized.  As the shapes grow clearer and their energy awakens from its long dormancy, the effects become clearer, and even more powerful.  Similarly, a greater awareness of their physical body results and things that have been absent become obvious.  A little bit of thought gives a great deal of reward and the benefits of this form of meditation are enormous.

Sacred Geometry, the leading principle of Merkaba meditation, is to understand not just yourself but the entire universe.  Even a brief study of this concept makes the student realize that this geometry, these patterns, are found in all aspects of the universe, from the most slender blade of grass to a star that is unimaginably distant.  Through contemplation of the form and purpose of these energy fields, a unity is recognized and an understanding of your place in the cosmos is reached.

Once these powerful energies have been restarted and recognized, they can be used as tools for healthy reflection.  As the eye turns inward in reflection, a balance is reached, and thought and deliberation result in a better understanding not only in the universe, but in yourself as well.

These energies are directed and produced by a force of divine love and therefore has an incredible potential for healing both the body and the spirit.  Merkaba meditation serves as a vehicle that takes us further than we have ever been before, to a place that people once knew intimately; it takes us into our own hearts and our own souls.

By Uma Johnson

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