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Maharishi Meditation

Maharishi meditation and transcendental meditation are one and the same. Maharishi meditation is referred to extremely often, the reason for this originates from a guru named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who introduced transcendental meditation to the western World in 1958. Therefore if you come across Maharishi meditation you will be well aware that it is the transcendental type which requires you to repeat a particular sound otherwise known as a mantra. Over time, through the teachings of Maharishi meditation of this type created worldwide recognition, together with the creation of The Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, United States.

The Maharishi University of Management began offering classes in Iowa in 1974, and more schools followed. There are currently over six million people practicing Transcendental Meditation worldwide according to the “Transcendental Meditation Movement”. Those of whom will tell you, upon reflection that it has been their key to clearer thinking, better health, more fulfilling relationships, and a peaceful world. It is easy to learn, enjoyable to practice and will most definitely enrich all areas of life. Is transcendental or maharishi meditation worth some serious consideration and deliberation? I would say, without a doubt as more importantly the benefits are cumulative—day by day and year by year, life gets better and better! When your mind begins utilising more of its full potential and you’re your physical body gains from deeper rest, the benefits you’ll become aware of primarily are very often in areas where you need them the most.

Psychologists tell us that we use only five or ten percent of our mind/mental potential. If we had the choice, wouldn’t we rather use our full potential to achieve our personal and other goals in life? Transcendental Consciousness is understood to be a fourth major state of consciousness, distinct from waking, sleeping or dreaming. During the practice of transcendental or maharashi meditation, the mind begins to settle, experiencing quieter and quieter levels of the thought process, until it experiences the source of thought known as transcendental consciousness, a place of infinite creativity and intelligence. This state is what is known as an experience of "amness", or "Being", the unbounded pure consciousness that is the very core and source of our thoughts and feelings. Following meditation, the mind becomes very proficient at drawing on more of this creativity and intelligence in our every day lives.

When you begin to practise Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation technique, you may be surprised at the wide range of practical benefits that you begin to experience. You may become aware that you’re memory seems a lot sharper or that you seem to deal with problem solving a lot more effectively. Feelings of fatigue and general tiredness at the end of a day will become less noticeable than previously. A boost in self-confidence and improved relationships will become noticed by yourself and/or friends.
Transcendental or maharshi meditation is unique because of its source, practice, proof, and universality. These attributes differentiate it from all other meditation techniques and programs used to reduce stress or aide personal development that are available in the world today. Unlike other meditation techniques, there is no concentration or contemplation, no effort to hold or control the mind.

By Nick Smith

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