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Higher Consciousness Meditation

Many meditation practices are undergone with the hope of eventually reaching higher consciousness.  Those who practice higher consciousness meditation daily with deliberation are said to eventually reach a level of highly evolved spiritual knowledge and deep, connected rumination.

In many traditional Hindu religions, it is thought that when a soul evolves to the point of enlightenment, it will reach a place of higher consciousness, meditation and knowing.   Most people on reflection of their own personal higher consciousness meditations realize they have many steps of realization, perception and awareness still to climb. 

Senior members in Buddhist monasteries certainly have superior techniques and abilities when it comes to deep rumination and meditation.  So advanced are these upper level monks in these practices, they can achieve almost instantaneous meditative states.  They lead a uniquely privileged life, being elevated above the daily suffering of average American citizens.

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit a Buddhist monastery, you would notice the humble, yet free way the monks live.  To them, each moment is a meditation as they undertake even the most menial tasks with pleasure and focus.  Each moment is an opportunity to grow closer to their higher consciousness.  Meditation is practiced several times a day to deepen the connection, release energy blocks and evolve the soul.  They are also constantly giving thought to spiritual matters about life and the world around them, taking time to notice and appreciate the small things in life.  The goal is to experience and then live that explosive higher consciousness meditation and then help others to do so as well.

Some people who practice meditation like to boast about their personal journeys within.  Higher consciousness meditation is an individual and unique experience for each person, and can usually not be explained with mere human vocabulary.  This type of meditation is done with the purpose of reaching higher consciousness, and is different all together to astral projection or alpha meditation.  Many people can meditate very deeply, sometimes seeing colors, feeling vibrations or seeing spirit guides, however this is not the same as reaching higher consciousness.

Higher consciousness meditation can best be described as a tool used to connect with the all knowing oneness of the world and universe as a whole.  This can only be done by a person who has a much evolved mind and soul and is completely uninhibited by issues or thoughts.  For anyone wishing to reach a state of higher consciousness, meditation is essential probably several times a day.  For most people, deep rumination is satisfactory, and not everyone has hours a day to spare for meditation practice.

By Victoria Stansfield

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