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Healing Meditation

Healing meditation is like no other practice you could engage in.  The health benefits of meditation are numerous and practical.  Practicing healing meditation on a regular basis will help prevent illness and allow you to live healthier and feel truly liberated.
A simple yet effective way of practicing healing meditation is to focus on your breathing. Once you are sitting comfortably, relaxed and ready to meditate close your eyes and begin to inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. As you inhale imagine that the air that is coming into your body contains soothing, healing properties that go to every part of your body, in particular any parts that feel tense or are aching or painful. As you slowly exhale through your mouth visualize the air carrying away any tension, aches and pains. See these unwanted particles or feelings floating away from you. Keep repeating and you will feel more and more relaxed. As you continue to inhale slowly and deeply, imagine the air that is flowing into your body is bringing an abundance of loving kindness, compassion, forgiveness or whatever kind of positive emotion you choose, and visualize them filling your mind, body and soul.  As you continue to exhale slowly, visualize anger, frustration, anxiety or any other negative emotion floating out of your being and far away. Simply inhale that which heals and is good and exhale that which harms and is bad.

One of the wonderful aspects that everyone can benefit from is the state of deep relaxation that you enter into through healing meditation.  It is a fact that the most successful people in every walk of life are the most relaxed. The calm mind can accomplish anything.  Not to mention the improved state of the body when it has been rejuvenated through deep relaxation.  The curative features of healing meditation help rest every cell in your body.  It is very therapeutic for every muscle fiber. 
With the help of healing meditation you can eliminate allergies.  Even conditions like arthritis can be cured through regularly practicing healing meditation.  It seems impossible that meditation could do such a thing? Healing meditation techniques have been curing diseases for centuries.

One of the most important features of our body is our immune system.  Our level of health is directly correlated to its strength.  If you have a strong immune system, you will rarely get sick.  However, a weak one will leave you feeling terrible.  Healing meditation is proven to strengthen your immune system

While it may be untraditional in the world of medicine, healing meditation is extremely beneficial.  Nearly every condition can be avoided or improved with its aid. Healing meditation, practiced regularly will create inner peace and bliss.

By Kelly Cramer

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