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Energy Meditation

If you would like to learn to relax, feel calm, connected and have more energy, meditation can help.  Spending time in contemplation and reflection about your day, then learning to clear your mind and go deep within, is a practice that can change your life.  People suffering with anxiety, stress, tension, mood swings, insomnia or addictions can all benefit from daily energy meditation practices.

It is only through deep rumination that the true power of the subconscious mind can be tapped into.  When you clear your mind of all thought and with much deliberation, relax your entire body, you can access the part of your mind that drives your automatic responses.  It is on this deep level you can begin to reprogram yourself to think, feel and act differently and in ways that are more beneficial to you. 

Energy meditation is the description of a technique used to clear your body of tension or disease, connect with the higher consciousness, recharge and revitalize, protect and ground.  The power of the imagination to create visualizations that are just as true to your mind as actual experiences is astounding.  Where ever your energy meditation leads you, your subconscious mind will remember it with verve and vigor.

If you know anyone who practices meditation daily, you will notice they have a certain liveliness most others are lacking.  The way their eyes sparkle, they smile with ease and seem to take on challenges with a smile.  Energy meditation can help you to become like one of those people, giving you a true feeling of inner confidence and personal power so nothing will get you down.

A simple energy meditation for you to begin with could be as follows:  Sit in a comfortable chair, making sure your feet are both fully on the floor.  Place your hands facing upward on your lap, and relax into the chair.  Either lean back or tilt your head slightly forward.  Take three slow, deep breaths in, then out.  On each exhalation, feel yourself  becoming more relaxed.  Without any force, simply sit for a moment and observe your natural breathing.

Imagine now that a bright light that is white in color is starting to glow slowly from your solar plexus, spreading throughout your body from the middle out.  Every cell is being filled with the healing force of this wonderful light as it overflows from your body, the reflection bouncing around the whole room.  Your body is more relaxed than it has ever been, and the golden healing light is working to bring you total health, liveliness, vigor and energy.  Meditation is opening you to the natural power of the universe to heal you and make you a perfect part of the world as a whole.

Picture a golden chord of this light rising up through your solar plexus and out the top of your head.  This chord continues to rise high up in the sky, past the clouds and into the solar system.  It travels passed planets and stars until it arrives at the place it originates, which is a huge sun-like planet of white light.  The chord is drawn to the light where it connects firmly for eternity.  This part of the energy meditation is to connect you to your guides and the universal power.

Now picture another golden chord of light extending down through your body from your solar plexus to your base, existing at the bottom of your spine.  This chord is going to go through the floor, through the ground and deep down past all the layers of the earth; past soil, rock, water, sandstone, slate, larva, crystal and however else you imagine it to be.  It comes to a huge area filled with a beautiful warm glowing light at the core of the earth, and connects itself there.  At this point in your energy meditation you will feel grounded instantaneously.

Return your imagination to your body sitting there, glowing with the vigor of the golden light.  Visualize your body being charged from above and below, as if you have plugged into two power points.  Sit with this feeling, simply observing your breathing and picturing the light getting as bright as you can imagine.  Whenever you feel ready, you can slowly move your fingers and toes, stretch your arms above your head and open your eyes, feeling refreshed, recharged and revitalized.  You have now completed your first beginner energy meditation session.

All meditation practices can help with healing issues and illnesses, and a feeling of being relaxed, calm and invigorated will be carried everywhere you go.  Practicing energy meditation daily is the best way to advance your skills and obtain the deepest rumination.  The deeper you can go and the more relaxed you become, the more energy meditation will give you.

By Simon Hughes

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