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Eastern Meditation

Meditation is of the established alternative therapies. Meditative techniques are the result of various cultures around the world. It has been deep-rooted in the customs of the world's great religions. Eastern Meditation offers various techniques in which one can reach ‘enlightenment’, and ‘self discovery’. The general belief associated with eastern meditation techniques are the belief that ‘the universe and I are one.’ Powers of positive thinking, clearing the mind of all the past stress factors and focusing on a solitary thought during meditation, are common practices of Transcendental meditation, the most common and widely known form of eastern meditation. Eastern meditation,  is often practiced to reduce the effects of stress, high blood pressure, drug addictions, pain management and vast other chronic illnesses and disorders. Transcendental Meditation is the technique believed to be significantly superior to other forms of meditation and relaxation. Other forms of eastern meditation are yoga and qigong, as well as transformational meditation, guided meditation and prayer meditation.

Recently, more and more people from the eastern countries, such as China, are residing within the western countries of USA and UK, bringing with them their cultural traditions and distributing their knowledge of meditation techniques. The healing powers claimed by those who practice eastern meditation, the stress reduction, and the peacefulness that comes from regular practice of eastern forms of meditation, have inevitably resulted in new practices associated with other major religions of the west, such as Christianity. The intention of "Christian Yoga" is to use the method of Yoga, for a "Christian" meditation. Christian Zen- very similar to ‘Christian yoga’, the student of ‘Christian Zen’ will meditate while practicing Japanese Zen and attempt to reach ‘enlightenment’, during focusing on their specific prayer. One may "practice Zen as a way of deepening and broadening his/her Christian faith." Additionally, the Christian may practice the eastern form of ‘prayer meditation’ in which they will focus on their prayer to God in order to free their mind of the days stress and tension.
Transformation meditation is the art of teaching ones self to make positive changes in behaviors and thoughts. These positive behaviors and thoughts directly effect ones reaction or function in any situation.

Eastern meditation has been scientifically proven to create psychological benefits, e.g.:-
            ~ Reducing anxiety
            ~ Reducing stress
            ~ Reducing the need and use of prescription drugs
             ~ Reducing the use of alcohol and other substances
             ~ Useful in smoking and weight reduction programs
 Additionally, some proven Physical Health Benefits are:
            ~ progress for asthma sufferers
            ~Strengthens the immune system and reduces viruses
            ~Reduces cardiovascular problems
            ~Increases blood flow to the heart
            ~Increases  performance
            ~Reduces chronic pain
            ~Lowers blood pressure

Although meditation comes in a variety of forms, for various reasons, traditional and eastern meditation have the same common goals, To change  behaviors and thoughts which will result in a more positive lifestyle, reduce stress and give a deeper and stronger self-awareness through ‘enlightenment’.

Meditation drives us towards our true nature. Our daily life is filled with many distractions that inhibit our abilities to train our souls. We can physically and psychologically train our bodies to perform to the best of our abilities, so why not achieve training for our mind and soul also? Eastern meditation practices teach one to condition their soul and mind to achieve a perfect balance that results in self-healing or at the very minimum, a more positive lifestyle.

By Jack McCoy

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