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Breathing Meditation

The art of breathing meditation is ancient, but it has lived on throughout the years.  People practice breathing meditation from every possible walk of life.  The benefits of this form of meditation are practically endless.  Breathing meditation allows one to better control the mind.  When you slow down the breath, the thoughts racing through your mind will also slow down.  It almost works like a filter for your thoughts.

Breathing meditation will allow you to obtain more balance in your life.  Things that once angered you will not affect you as easily.  You cultivate a positive outlook in every situation.  You will learn to all but eliminate the negative thought that is a part of you.  Breathing meditation will increase your awareness and therefore, improve every area of your life.  Breathing meditation will help you become healthier and happier if practiced regularly.  With a little contemplation, you will see the amazing impact that it is having on your life. 

In order to accomplish a breathing meditation, you must sit in a position that is comfortable for you.  Probably the most popular position is the cross-legged pose.  Keeping a straight spine in this pose helps the energy to flow easier throughout the body.  It also helps you stay more alert while in this position.

To begin the exercise, simply close your eyes to a squint.  Become very quiet and peaceful.  When you breathe, start to focus completely on the breath.  Don’t necessarily try to breathe a certain way, but just breathe normally.  Try to breathe through your nose, if at all possible.

Continually try to focus on the breath instead of the millions of thoughts that could be racing through your mind.  If you find it difficult to concentrate on one specific thing, don’t be discouraged.  Everyone is like this at first.  It will get easier with more you practice meditation. Your mind will wander from time to time.  Your aim is to gently bring it back to the breath as often as possible.  This is in a sense training your mind. 

Keep doing this for awhile and you will feel great.  You will eventually feel inner peace with each inhalation and you will learn to love these quiet times of inner reflection.  Remember that breathing meditation is just the beginning.  You will likely advance into other techniques, but this is still extremely powerful. 

If you only do breathing meditations once every few weeks when it crosses your mind, you likely won’t see the benefits.  The key is to form the habit of doing this for a few minutes every day.  Sitting quietly and reflecting on one’s breath can do wonderful things in your life.  Your mind will become clearer and more focused.  Breathing meditation is something that everyone should pursue.

By Joyce Bingham

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