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Zen Meditation Robes

Zen meditation robes are worn by those who practice Zen meditation. Zen meditation robes are extremely popular and Zen meditation robes for the lay person are usually brown or black, and made up with pleats in the center and the sides. Monastic robes may come in black and brown as well, but can also include white, saffron, and orange as colors. Depending on the season, an under robe may be worn with Zen meditation robes, for warmth. Zen is a school of the Mahayana branch of Buddhism. In Zen, great importance is given to awareness within the moment and consideration of the deeper nature of all things by experiencing them directly. Although Zen gives less weight to philosophical thought than other branches of Buddhism, it is still very rooted in the teaching and words of the Buddha. The five fundamental elements of Buddhist philosophy are still given great importance and deliberation. Practitioners of Zen Buddhism typically wear robes. Zen meditation robes come in different varieties, depending on the season, and whether the wearer is a lay person or a monk.

Zen meditation robes are generally made from lightweight fabrics, and layered when warmth is required. As with most items used in meditative practice, natural materials are favored for their symbolic connection to the earth. It can be helpful for the Western practitioner of meditation to have a Zen meditation robe when practicing contemplation. This is because the wearing of clothing designed traditionally for the practice of meditation enhances the experience. The robe is a reminder of the mental space that we must enter for reflection and rumination. Some Zen groups require the wearing of specific Zen meditation robes for their members. In these cases, the specific styles and colors of the robes symbolize different rates of progression or rank within the organization. For the lay person not involved in a Zen meditation group, these robes can still be of use, especially on a retreat or weekend meditation vacation. When embarking on a special journey for the purpose of meditation, a dedicated garment can help invoke the proper atmosphere and way of thinking. This facilitates meditation and the experience of being one with the world.

Zen meditation robes can be acquired through groups dedicated to this sort of meditation, or from retailers. Online retailers can offer a large variety of Zen meditation robes to those meditation practitioners who do not have access to a real world store. Use of a special robe or garment in meditation practice can help you feel a connection with this ancient sacred tradition, and in turn with the entire world.

By Katie Walsh

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