Zafu Meditation Pillow

Zafu meditation pillow came from the history of Japan and China, where the Zafu meditation pillow, which is often a round cushion, was produced to aid sessions of reflection. A Zafu meditation pillow is very popular and is one of many types of meditation cushions on the market. When considering buying a zafu meditation pillow look at all the benefits that would suite you.

When it comes to entering the world of reflection and contemplation, a meditator may rely on a host of tools to make their journey much easier. While there are plenty of pillows, cushions, and mats that decorate the market of today, there are some items that have easily stood the test of time and still remain a great help during sessions of reflection. This is the case with the zafu meditation pillow, which has been used for everyday sitting in Asia for many centuries.

The round shaped cushion that the West has recently taken a renewed liking to provides a wealth of different functions. The zafu meditation pillow is great for meditation, yoga, sessions of deep thought, and also serves as a satisfying decorative home furnishing. Not only does the zafu meditation pillow have a deep history in helping meditators reach higher levels of deliberation and rumination, but also makes a worthy reinforcement for those looking to stretch the back.

The main benefit to using a zafu meditation pillow was that during sessions of meditation, practitioners would assemble on a zafu for sitting meditation poses because the cushion raised their hips, which enhanced the stability of cross-legged sitting positions. The zafu meditation pillow is also stylish, a rainbow of colors are available for the choosing, including shades of purple, red, denim, black, natural, and navy blue.

The shape of the zafu meditation pillow (either round or crescent) also expands its uses, as it easily conforms to almost any chair, enhancing the comfort of various types of seating. This kind of pillow or cushion is also easy to keep clean, as removable covers (usually sold separately) protect the visual appearance of this convenient meditation tool.

The contemporary zafu meditation pillow is constructed from three pieces of heavy cloth that are sewn together and filled with either kapok or buckwheat hulls. So when choosing a zafu meditation pillow, one must weigh the pros and cons of the filling in order to get the most comfort to achieve satisfying deliberation. Depending on the level of comfort and support needed, one may choose an organic buckwheat hull filling, which greatly conforms to body shape. Kapok fiber filler is lighter in weight and easy to transport. Both selections offer great stability and support, although many will agree – kapok filling usually provides a little softer support, while buckwheat hulls deliver a bit more of a contoured fit. Whatever your preference may be, always make sure you look out for your comfort. Comfort will equal deep relaxation.

By Joanne Monslow

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