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Yoga Meditation Chair

A Yoga meditation chair can enhance your meditation experience and allow for a deeper exploration. A yoga meditation chair allows even people with back problems or limited flexibility to enjoy the benefits of yoga meditation. A Yoga meditation chair offers you a more comfortable alternative to sitting on the floor.

For people just starting out with meditation a yoga meditation chair is a great tool to help you sit more comfortably. This in turn helps you to focus and concentrate on the meditation process and will encourage you to stick with it. There are many different styles of a yoga meditation chair that are available. It will depend on what you are comfortable with and the style of meditation that you are practicing as to what type of chair you will use.

Regardless of style, a yoga meditation chair has several benefits that sitting on the floor or regular chairs do not offer. Meditation requires you to be in a comfortable yet erect position, one that supports the natural curvature of the spine. Harmony of the mind and body are essential for the meditative experience. Your mind will not be able to be free, open and focused if it is trying to deal with the body being uncomfortable. The yoga meditation chair is designed to offer proper support and alignment so that you are benefiting from meditating. A regular chair is not designed to mold to the body in the same way that a yoga meditation chair is. These chairs are often more ergonomically designed.

The use of a yoga meditation chair is particularly useful in Zen meditation because it requires several different sitting positions. There is a yoga meditation chair designed for tantra yoga as well, that help enhance the experience and support the spinal alignment. The key to any yoga meditation chair is that it enables your diaphragm the ability to expand and contract freely.

The purpose of meditation is to allow us to discover who we really are and promote inner peace. For us to find our balance and decrease if not completely alleviate stress. So it only makes sense for us to use tools that help us get into a relaxed state so that we can benefit from what we are doing. The yoga meditation chair allows even those with limited flexibility to reap the benefits of meditation and helps the rest of us to focus on what is really important during our meditation.

By Christine Huyton

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