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Raw Silk Meditation Cushion

A raw silk meditation cushion can be used to help your meditative practice. But how can just a raw silk meditation cushion do anything to aid meditation? Well within this article we shall tell you how the use of a raw silk meditation cushion can help you to improve your meditation sessions.

In the art of meditation, the deliberation on some object of thought or consideration, many specialized items can help with the process. While meditative practice can be done with nothing, and the experienced practitioner can engage in contemplation anywhere at all, specialized tools, furniture, and objects of reflection can be of great help. Among the special items used to assist rumination that you can purchase, is a raw silk meditation cushion. Traditionally, these items, called zafu, were made of cattails. Now, they tend to be round pillows, about fourteen inches across and eight inches high, stuffed with kapok or buckwheat hulls. These pillows can help with proper meditative posture by providing seating without back support. The lack of support allows the spine to assume its natural curvature and improves depth of breathing. A raw silk meditation cushion or Zafu can also used in conjunction with another type of meditation pillow called a zabuton. Zabuton are a kind of flat cushion used for sitting in Japanese homes. Placed under the zafu, it cushions the knees and ankles, preventing pain or stiffness. Either of these types of meditation cushion can be covered in a variety of materials. Natural fabrics are preferred for meditation purposes, as they bring the practitioner closer to the natural cycles of the earth. Among the possibilities are cotton meditation cushion, linen meditation cushion, and raw silk meditation cushion.

Raw silk meditation cushion can provide the benefits of one of nature’s most wonderful fibers. Silk is a natural protein fiber produced by silkworms reared on mulberry leaves.  The most familiar sort of silk is that reeled off from the cocoons produced by this insect in whole shining strands. Raw silk meditation cushions are covered with another kind, also called noil silk. This silk is made from the short silk fibers left after the longer strands are removed from the cocoons, and from broken or otherwise damaged cocoons. This silk resembles cotton in texture and is very easily sewn. It lacks the shiny surface that ordinary silk possesses, making it less slippery and more comfortable. A raw silk meditation cushion may have slubs or loose ends in the fabric, displaying the natural variations from the silkworm cocoon. Raw silk meditation cushions are more durable than cotton ones and their low sheen surfaces can be cleaned with water, where more conventional silk might spot. A raw silk meditation cushion may be initially more expensive than a cotton one, but it will last longer, and permit more meditation sessions.  A raw silk meditation cushion brings all the benefits of silk – its strength and beauty – but with the ease of cleaning and hand of less durable fabrics. Raw silk has been used in India and Asia for centuries. A raw silk meditation cushion is a practical expression of beauty that will help you find the peace and relaxation you desire.

By Sidney Jameson

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