Pyramid Meditation

Throughout the world, there are many different meditation approaches and techniques that provide varying experiences for those looking to heighten their self-awareness and level of positive reflection. The quest to achieve a satisfying journey into the depths of contemplation and life-changing deliberation should not be limited to the meditation techniques that often gain popular attention with the masses. For example, the unique and beneficial meditative experiences that come from pyramid meditation are often overlooked because not many people are aware of its existence.

In ancient Egypt, the majestic pyramids were constructed as powerful religious, cultural, and spiritual symbols. Throughout the years, many have discovered the belief and power that the use of pyramids aided those interested in enhancing their own awareness (which also included psychic powers and abilities). The pyramids often captured the essence of mental and physical stimulation, as their creation is something of a mystery in its own right. The same mystique and amplifying spirit of the pyramids takes shape in regards to pyramid meditation, which aims to use the power of the pyramids to reach higher levels of rumination.

Pyramid meditation either uses the energy from meditating close to a pyramid or underneath a pyramid structure. Meditators are known to receive their best experiences when sitting in an upright position with the upper chakras (powerful energy forces within the body) situated about 1/3 up from the pyramid base (directly under the apex).

Those who have experienced pyramid meditation claim they have undergone dramatically enhanced results in attaining satisfying feelings of calm, well being, and a more open and positive approach towards life and the confidence to achieve goals. The expansion of awareness and thought has also allowed meditators to reach the realm of increased memory recall, visions of reincarnated spirits, and telepathic powers of communication.

Pyramid meditation is great for those who are interested in experiencing a meditative process that is much different than the yoga classes held at the local YMCA. Many are tempted by the chance to possibly encounter a sense of weightlessness; electrified sensations, feelings of warmth in the upper parts of the body, time distortion, vivid dreams with an explosion of color, as well as a deeper, more fulfilling journey through meditation.

For those who are giving the consideration to engage in a session of pyramid meditation should know they possess the ability to harness pyramid power by constructing one of their own. There are plenty of resources that can guide one towards building their own pyramid framework that allows sleep and meditation to take place underneath. The meditation that occurs under the framework of a pyramid is also said to create a more positive, reactive experience. Those who wish to take their pyramid meditation to the next level and sleep underneath on a nightly basis will find several plans that use extension poles to create an impressive orb of energy that only adds to the personal goals regarding meditative success.

By Tim Wayne

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