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Omni Meditation Bench

Omni meditation bench can aid meditative study and reflection. An omni meditation bench is one of many specialized tools and furniture associated with meditation and the omni meditation bench is the prize possession of many. While these items are not strictly necessary, it is possible for the practiced meditator to engage in contemplation anywhere at all, they can help in obtaining the correct state of thought and emotion.  Special tables, benches, like the omni meditation bench, cushions, and objects of deliberation are available for consideration by the meditation practitioner. Benches such as the omni meditation bench and cushions are designed to help encourage an appropriate posture for meditation. These items encourage sitting with the back unsupported, which lengthens the spine and allows for deeper breathing and more relaxed meditation. Rumination while seated on a specialized piece of meditation furniture, such as the Omni meditation bench, can be much more fulfilling than that attempted in an ordinary setting.

While there are many meditation benches available, the Omni meditation bench is one of the highest quality. All of these benches are made from high quality hardwood for durability, and because hardwood is a natural material. It is considered worthwhile to use only natural materials in meditative practice, to encourage feelings of connection to the natural cycle. The Omni meditation bench allows the spine to find its own natural curvature. The base has been designed with a curved rocker shape, allowing for individual adjustment, so that the seat tilts to the position which is best for the individual user. The Omni meditation bench is best used in a kneeling position so that the weight of the torso is allowed to drop down through the spine. This weight is spread out and shared with the knees, creating a structural balance that allows the body to sit at ease. This gravitational center gives the natural lumbar curve of the spine the support it needs.

The Omni meditation bench is made with a patented hinge, made from steel and plated in brass. The seat and legs are created from cherry, in the case of the regular Omni meditation bench, or light hardwood, in the case of the economy bench. Both feature the same design and benefits. Only the wood from which they are made differ. The Omni meditation bench can also be made to a custom size if it is requested, and can be used in conjunction with a reading and writing desk sized for use with the bench. The legs of the Omni meditation bench fold up, making it easily portable for those who wish to meditate outside their homes. This folding feature also allows it to be stored in small spaces. The Omni meditation bench allows a comfortable, supported position for meditation without putting weight on the legs. This permits the meditator to practice for longer periods without excessive weariness.

By Phil Tyson

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