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Meditation Tools

Meditation tools could be a pyramid or a tent, meditation tools could be a hooded cloak or Indian shawl or meditation tools could be a guided meditation course or incense to create ambiance. There are hundreds of meditation tools available to enhance relaxation and meditation. A meditation tool can be an invaluable meditation aid. Meditation tools have been used in meditation practice for many centuries. Those who have entered the heightened sense of reflection through meditation have relied upon the use of various meditation tools aimed with the intent to enhance the overall process. While many beginners are familiar with the different techniques, chants, poses, and postures regarding the meditative journey, there is a wide range of resources and tools for meditation that they are simply unaware of. When it comes to meditation tools, there is more than just a yoga mat to take into consideration.

Since many moments of deep thought and reflection occur when one is in a sitting position, meditation tools that enhance this posture are quite popular on the market. Some of the most commonly used of these meditation tools (outside of a mat) is the meditation cushion, pillow, or bench. All of these items allow a meditator to enter a restful position that enhances his or her breathing and encourages a more relaxed response to the entire process.

Often, a meditation seat that tilts the pelvis forward is a great way to explore the depth of these types of meditation tools. When the hips are kept higher than the knees, the natural S-shape associated with the curvature of the spine is maintained. For example, a meditation bench enhances the benefits that come from basic positions, such as the Burmese, kneeling and sky poses. Since each person is unique in mind, body, and spirit, it is important to browse a variety of selections that cater to various sitting positions and meditation routines.

Kneeling benches (also known as seiza benches) are known to serve as well-rounded meditation tools. This versatile piece of furniture encourages a variety of positions, but also accommodates those who have trouble reaching a desired level of flexibility when attempting cross-legged sitting postures. A kneeling bench is also great for those who are just starting to discover the benefits of rumination or for those not comfortable with the crossed-leg position. Some benches also come with cushions and carrying bags to increase the allure of such a product. In some cases, these items are also sold separately to the actual meditation tools.

Meditation tools also follow ergonomic guidelines, as seen with the Smile Cushion, which especially caters to those interested in the Burmese (cross-legged) position. Support cushions are quite useful when it comes to the "sky" position (also referred to as "perching" or the "easy pose.") It is through this pose that the body should reach a higher plateau, meaning an extra cushion or a zafu meditation pillow comes highly recommended. Tilt seats also help achieve the "perching" position, which often mimics the height of a regular chair.

Some meditation tools possess restorative properties and encourage non-toxic, easily portable sessions of contemplation, such as meditation pillows, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Depending on your individual needs, you may choose to select a Japanese-style buckwheat pillow, body pillow, yoga bolster, mini futon, eye pillow, or a simple yoga mat.

While some meditation tools help to increase the flexibility, circulation, and comfort of a participant, there are other items that focus on creating the proper environment and encouraging concentration during the meditative process. Additional items one may consider for their journey towards an enhanced sense of awareness includes scrying bowls, water fountains, meditation CDs, video tapes, and DVDs, meditation chant books, Zen pillows, and meditation candles. As you can see there are many different kinds of meditation tools that you can take advantage of to enhance your meditation session and it’s up to you to find the right meditation tools for you.

By Joel Sparks

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