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Meditation Stones

Meditation stones are a powerful tool for anyone seeking knowledge of themselves, and meditation stones can be as close as your own garden! Meditation stones serve as ideal anchors and focuses for deep thought and contemplation. The act of meditation itself is like stone in its stillness. As the world moves around you, you stop and slow for conscious consideration.

Meditation stones come in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations and at first the wild assortment can be a little dizzying to someone who is not used to them. Many novices, however, have learned that meditation stones are a powerful aid to their ruminations. The stones serve as a focal point and a place to invest energy.

Meditation stones see wide use with the modern pagan and new age movements, and there are a variety of books and sources that can help in understanding them. Some books are highly detailed, giving specific meanings and connotations for various natural stones, while others tend to be more free-form, urging the individual to find what stone works the best for them.

One example of a use of a meditation stone is as a focus for specific type of energy. You can start by finding a stone that "feels" right to you. It can be a chunk of brick from your back yard, or a shard of amethyst, as long as the feelings that you associate with it are the ones you wish to invoke. Carry your meditation stone with you for about a week, letting it soak in your energies, getting to know its weight and its heft.

What feelings do you get from it? Try concentrating on positive feelings, like hope, or strength. Start to associate the feeling with the stone, so that when the meditation stone rests in your hand, you will begin to feel the emotions you have associated with it.

When you have worked with the stone for a little bit, go to a quiet place and enter a meditative state while holding it. What feelings do you get from having the now-familiar weight in your hands? Are they different from what you had envisioned when you were first working with it? These are important reflections of your own state of mind. Remember that the stone is a tool, not the point of the exercise; meditation stones are focuses, but they allow your gaze to be clear to see the things in your life.

There are several stones that are commonly used for meditation, and not only can they be powerful aids, they can also be quite beautiful as well. An amethyst, with its lovely lavender and purple hue is traditionally known as a stone of transformation and spirituality. If there is a source of pain or sorrow in your life, you can use amethyst to focus your will on getting it out. The golden tiger's eye is a great stone for independence of body and spirit, while the gentle pink rose quartz focuses on love and sensuality. Meditation stones make very thoughtful and special gifts.

By Christine Huyton

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