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Meditation Floor Cushions

Meditation floor cushions are extremely popular and are essential to sitting properly during meditation. Meditation floor cushions are stuffed and filled with various materials. Buckwheat hulls for instance provide excellent support and should last for years. Traditionally, meditation floor cushions were used instead of the person practicing meditation sitting on bare ground. Today meditation floor cushions are used in yoga as well as meditation and remove you from the ground or floor and give extra cushioning.

Meditation describes a state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness. Meditation can be used for personal development, or to focus the mind on a deity. Many practice meditation in order to achieve peace and contentment in their lives.  Some people also practice physical Yoga for health both physical and mental.
Most forms of religions have used meditation for thousands of years. It is a traditional belief that it originated in the Orient and subsequently spread around the world. Meditation has become very popular in the west in the last thirty or so years and its popularity continues to grow.

There are many different kinds of meditation floor cushions, some that have been in use for centuries and others that have been developed to suit our changing needs.

Tatami mats have been used for centuries in Tea and Zen rooms and they create an inviting and serene environment. They are perfect for meditation and also suitable for both Astanga and Hatha Yoga. These mats can be left down around the house. Tatami mats are made of interwoven grass and give a beneficial 'acupressure' effect through the soles of your feet. Sweaty puddles are a not a problem as sweat runs away. Because of the heaviness of these mats they will not crumple under your feet. There is a natural smell and made of 100% natural forest grass, biodegradable ecologically friendly. Dried in natural sunlight and woven as rugs 100% natural rubber latex backing provides a wonderful non-slip mat. The borders are bound with cotton fabric

Sticky Mats made of rubber prevent slipping. The texture of the mat not only grips the floor but also stops feet slipping. These mats come in plain colors or a variety of designs including floral designs many featuring a lotus, hibiscus or orchid and some have Buddha designs. Thicker mats give a softer spongier feel relieving the body of the hardness of some floors

Cotton or Asana mats have been used for many years and are considered ecologically sound. They can be left down always around the house; during meditation they absorb perspiration and moisture. While doing yoga the Asana mat helps maintain poses and can be used over floor or any mat for additional padding.

Meditation floor cushions are a wonderful aid to comfort and posture and they are an ideal gift. The choice of meditation floor cushion or mat is entirely up to the individual as is their particular meditation practice.

By Natalie Bennett

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