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Meditation Equipment

Meditation equipment can make a fabulous gift.What is meditation equipment? There are many different types of meditation equipment to choose from to make your meditation sessions as comfortable and convenient as possible. Here is where we will take a brief look at some of the meditation equipment that is available.

Meditation Cushions: These can be great when you are sitting or lying down. You can get cushions of all different sizes, shapes and colors to best fit your needs. Some are circular, some are crescent shaped, some are triangular, some are cylinder shaped, and more. Find your comfort level with a meditation cushion of your choice

Meditation Mats: Mats are great for sitting and lying down, as well. These mats made specifically for meditation are not simply rug like. They are cushioned and comfortable to sit on. It actually is like a very small mattress because it is so comfortable and provides just the right amount of support. You can get them in many different colors and styles to suite the user.

Meditation Stools: A very popular form of meditation equipment. These are not what we would normally think of as typical stools, like bar stool seating. These stools are specially made for meditation purposes. Some are rectangular in shape, some are toadstool in shape, and others can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All of them have cushions so you are comfortable and supported. You can also find ones that fold up so you can store them away when not in use, or take them with you when you are traveling.

Meditation Timers: You do not need to worry about time with a meditation timer. Using a meditation timer can help you focus better on your meditation rather than how much time has passed. Most of them come in a neatly shaped pyramid form in a variety of neutral colors. They require batteries, are usually made of wood, and have the ability to be set for up to ninety minutes.

Meditation Aids: There are a variety of meditation aids available such as incense, beads, bowls, bells, chimes, shawls, hooded cloaks and pyramids.

If any meditation equipment enhances your meditation sessions and helps create inner peace it is certainly a wise investment.

By Sarah Antrobus

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