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Meditation Chair Woven

Meditation chair woven with rattan or whicker is a prize possession for many. A Meditation chair woven from natural materials is very popular with people who practice meditation. A meditation chair woven from natural materials can be associated with the closeness of earth. Many people are benefiting from a meditation chair woven from natural materials.

Typically, during meditation, the meditator positions himself on the floor. This is intended to provide a sense of grounding and promote a deeper sense of connection with the universe. Westerners have adopted the art of meditation completely, but sometimes need a bit more support.

A meditation chair woven from natural materials have become a common place among those wanting to profit from meditation. All these chairs are designed with the comfort of the meditator in mind. In addition to providing a higher placement, they also provide back support, contoured construction that is friendly to the Lotus position (sitting with crossed legs). The idea of using chairs or benches is relatively new and seems to be confined to the West. This may not be the case, but it appears to be so.

The benefits of using a meditation chair during times of reflection and rumination are basic. They include physical comfort through extensive periods of intense contemplation, contoured construction that helps with blood circulation and assistance in deliberation and thought. Physical comfort is the main benefit of using a meditation chair woven from natural materials, there is another one that is just as important. That is being at one with nature, which is the advantage of using a chair made of all natural materials.

Woven meditation chairs are made of several materials including sea grass, rattan or wicker and banana leaves. Chairs made of sea grass are constructed over a frame of mango wood and are designed to be both useful and stylish. The meditation chair woven with Sea grass are available in a variety of colors and with removable washable cushions. This makes them versatile as well as meditational in nature.

Another type of meditation chair is the rattan or wicker meditation chair. Again, all natural materials and contoured construction designed to do well to the mediator’s state of mind. Comfort is priority one and a deeper awareness is the goal.
The rattan chair is built over a frame of cane poles that are very sturdy and strong. These also have removable washable cushions available in various colors and materials like satin, polyester or cotton. The cushions are an option and do cost extra if you want them.

One more type is called the Raja chair. The word “Raja’ comes from the Sanskrit word for royalty. It is constructed of a Mango wood frame and finished with a natural water based lacquer with woven banana leaves for the seat and back.
This chair has an extended seat piece for added comfort during reflection and rumination times.

All of the meditation chairs are built to a size which will accommodate just about any body size or type. The nominal sizing of these chairs is approximately 30” wide x 26” deep x 24” tall at the back. Most have about an 8” rise from floor to seat as well as a deeper curve in the seat to help support the knees in the Lotus position.

Taking all these factors into consideration, the use of a meditation chair woven from natural materials can raise your level of contemplation and thought while supporting the physical body in a comfortable manner.

By Bill Edwards

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