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Indian Meditation Shawls

Indian meditation shawls are very popular and make a beautiful gift. Indian meditation shawls have traditionally been used during the practice of contemplation to provide warmth to the practitioner. Good Indian meditation shawls are thought not only to warm the body, but to enrich the spiritual and mental enlightenment provided by this kind of reflection. Indian meditation shawls are made in natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and wool. They can be very plain and simple or incorporate intricate designs to mimic the intricacy of human thought. Indian meditation shawls are still created carefully by hand, with great skill and consideration.

Ownership of Indian meditation shawls can help not only to provide warmth on retreats or in drafty locations, but to give a sense of authenticity and connectedness to one’s deliberation and rumination. These shawls have been worn for thousands of years by yogis and monks. Traditional, hand loomed Indian meditation shawls can be very enriching to wear. The hand-produced nature of these garments help the meditation practitioner to achieve a sense of oneness with the earth. Crafts and garments that have been produced by hand are closer to the natural cycle, and meditation while surrounded by one of these items may bring greater peace and tranquility.

Indian meditation shawls would once have been available only in their country of production, but globalization has now made them accessible around the world. Some stores may have trouble keeping them in stock because of the need to have small lots of these handmade garments imported at a time, so it is important to ask your supplier if they are available before ordering one. Indian meditation shawls can be used to facilitate meditation, as well as used for an everyday garment. It may be appropriate, if you wish to wear an Indian meditation shawl daily, to use a special one for meditation purposes. This allows that garment to remain free of the stresses and associations of the daily world.

Indian meditation shawls provide not only warmth and comfort, but a feeling of tradition. The wearer can experience a connection with ancient meditation practices that have survived nearly unaltered to the present day, as well as with the traditional hand looming methods that create the shawl. Indian meditation shawls are painstakingly crafted to aid in the practice of contemplation, and can be a valuable addition to a practitioner’s meditation supplies and routine. 

It is important, of course, not to allow the practice of meditation to be bogged down by materialism. Indian meditation shawls will not bring peace and tranquility in and of themselves. They can only facilitate and comfort the inner journey we all must take as we embark on a program of contemplative practice.

By Lisa Bull

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