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Guided Meditation Tapes

Guided meditation tapes can be amazing. Guided meditation tapes allow beginning practitioners to reach a meditative state even when traveling, or in locations not normally conducive to reflection of this sort. Guided meditation tapes are portable and accessible. They do not cost large amounts of money and can be acquired by almost anyone. Guided meditation tapes are an excellent solution for anyone who would like to begin or continue meditation practice with some sort of direction, but who is not yet ready to embark on a meditation retreat. 

Practitioners of meditation may find that they have difficulty finding adequate instruction for their art. Professional instructors and retreats can require extensive travel and be very expensive. Books can be hard to comprehend at first. For people in this situation, guided meditation tapes can be extremely helpful. These tapes and discs allow the practitioner to simply slip on a pair of headphones and gain access to their inner teacher to gain insight and healing. Guided meditation tapes use soothing voices to relax the listener and lead them along the paths of contemplation and rumination.

Stage by stage, the thoughts are calmed, and deliberation on feelings of unity and oneness with the world can progress. Because guided meditation tapes do not require conscious thought in the way that books do, it is easier to be led through each meditation.  Many guided meditation tapes begin by asking the practitioner to set up a comfortable, balance posture, and to relax the entire body.  Consideration and reflection may then begin.   Breathing out is done with an emphasis on release and letting go of negativity.  This allows the practitioner to create a state of receptivity when breathing back in.

The content of guided meditation tapes can vary from the purely clinical, meant to help the practitioner accomplish the physical benefits of meditation, to the very spiritual.  These latter types often include rituals and mantras drawn from ancient Hindu and Buddhist practices.  Whether it is the practitioner’s goal to relieve stress and improve general well-being, or to seek oneness with the universe, there is a type of guided meditation tape that will do the job.  Meditation tapes can be purchased on the Internet, from bookstores, or sometimes even found at your local library.  Reviews and opinions on individual guided meditation tapes can also be found online, to help you choose the one that is right for you.

By Louise Hughes

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