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Guided Meditation Tape

A guided meditation tape allows you to meditate where ever you wish. Why not think about trying a guided meditation tape? Whether you have some prior experience with meditation or you're just getting started, a guided meditation tape can improve your understanding of the art of looking within by leaps and bounds.

The best thought and consideration that you have invested into meditation was probably when you were beginning your ruminations.  This is not a bad thing; it's just something that happens to everyone. When you start meditation, you are happy with the results and go along with what you know works. This only becomes a problem when the subjects that had your undivided attention are no longer so captivating!  What you need to do is make sure that your reflections are providing you with clarity of mind and if your attentions are wandering, it is time to look a little more closely into the things that have been working.

A guided meditation tape is great for spurring your thoughts into new directions.  Many people start off with guided meditation and then “graduate” to their own independent, free-form ruminations.  If you've been doing free-form meditation for a while, using your own focuses and visualizations, it might be time to let something else take the lead for a little while.  For instance, if you've just been using the same tape of whale song for several months, your practice might have ended up being a bit rote and boring.

When you use a guided meditation tape, you are letting your practice be guided by an entirely different person.  You are letting them instruct you, and whether or not you end up using it often, a guided meditation tape can show you interesting things about your own practice and your own point of view.  It can also be a little more relaxing to give responsibility over to another person for a little bit. Your only responsibility is to pop the tape in and be carried along.

A guided meditation tape is also a good way to meditate in conjunction with another person.  If you'd like to meditate with your friend or your children but are unsure how to do it, start off with a guided meditation tape.  In this case, there would be no power question, it would just be you and the other listener getting together to be guided along the same route.

When looking around for something to jump-start your practice or to try a new direction, get online and look for a good guided meditation tape!

By Trudy Washington

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