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Chinese Meditation Chair

The Chinese meditation chair has been around for centuries. The Chinese meditation chair allows for a very beneficial practice of meditation. In ancient times, the Chinese created a Chinese meditation chair specifically for their practices of rumination, reflection, and contemplation.

These chairs were given a very wide base so that the user would have plenty of room to cross their legs in their meditation practice. It did not matter the size of the person, because the base would be wide enough to accommodate most sizes. A person would have plenty of room to sit cross legged and ruminate in complete and perfect comfort because they will not feel cramped in a Chinese meditation chair.

The Chinese meditation chair is usually made of wood, bamboo, or tree branches. In the times of ancient China, they may have been given an ornate design, or they may have been simple chairs. Their decoration was far less important than their usability. However, some chairs were decorated fabulously. Regardless of this, these chairs served their purpose well and were in popular demand for quite some time. It was typically used with no cushion, but one could be added for comfort.

The design of the chair would lend itself to meditation by encouraging the user to sit with their legs crossed and their spine in perfect alignment. The very design of the chair was designed for this posture in meditation. One could sit with their legs down, the wide base of the chair calls for the legs to be up in the crossed position. The use of this chair made the reflective practices of meditation enjoyable for the person using it.

For centuries the Chinese meditation chair has served a wonderful purpose for its users. The practice of meditation requires complete comfort and relaxation. This chair brings that comfort and relaxation which allows for the mind to open to the positive and release the negative energies.

By Tim Wayne

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