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Cheap Meditation Benches

Cheap meditation benches may not work out to be cheap meditation benches in the long term. Cheap meditation benches aren’t too hard to find and if you have even a passing interest in meditation, you’ve probably put some thought into the positions in which you will be doing it and I’m sure cheap meditation benches have sprung to mind at one time or another. For many people the cross-legged or kneeling postures that are assumed for prolonged deliberation can be difficult, if not impossible and this is where things like meditation benches come into play. Cheap meditation benches are an affordable way to allow people engaged in deep reflection and rumination to hold a comfortable position for an extended period of time, and if you have physical issues, or if you are just interested in a comfortable place to sit, you should put some thought into acquiring one.

Cheap meditation benches are promised by many retailers, but are they worth it? As you start looking both online and in nearby stores, you might start to wonder whether a cheap meditation bench will still do what you need it to. While this is certainly a question worth considering, you must realize that that the answer is a definite "maybe.” It also has to do with you and what your own meditation practice is like. How long do you spend meditation every day? Do you ever go to meditate in groups and will your bench need to be transportable?

If your practice routine is short, you might not notice or care about the amount of padding on cheap meditation benches. The padding that is found on cheap meditation benches is usually quite minimal, and if you have a longer meditation routine, you might begin to notice this in an unfavorable way to sit or kneel.

Another thing to take into consideration when considering cheap meditation benches is how good the construction is. If you are planning to get a lot of use out of your meditation bench, you will want to make sure that the construction is sound and that the wood is good. Nothing is more disappointing than buying cheap meditation benches only to realize that they have to be replaced in nine months because of wear and tear. Also remember that cheap meditation benches are often made out of country under conditions that would make an ethical person cringe; more expensive models are usually produced more locally and under better conditions.

Cheap meditation benches will certainly save you some money; some of the meditation benches that are sold are quite pricey. However, it is always important to remember that you get what you pay for. Think about how much time and effort you put into your meditation practice and think about what you will need for your own deliberations and ruminations, are cheap meditation benches really what you want?

By Harriet Base

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