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Buddhist Meditation Bench

When one thinks of meditation, one of the first thoughts that pop into their heads is someone sitting on the floor, or perhaps a pillow, in the lotus position, with their eyes closed, their hands of their knees facing up slowing repeating the sound “OMM.” Though this is comfortable for some meditators, it is not comfortable for all. Some people are uncomfortable sitting on the floor or keeping their legs crossed. This is where the Buddhist meditation bench comes in. This is a small bench that will get you off of the floor, but still caters to a straight-backed posture when sitting.

It’s hard for some people to imagine meditating on anything other than the floor, but for those whose legs fall asleep quickly, this is just the relief that you’re looking for. A meditation bench is a short bench that lifts you off of the floor. It is does not lift you far, so, if your legs are long, you might want to consider a pillow instead. If you still would like to meditate cross legged but be off the floor, the stool will work for this as well. They are wide enough to accommodate you sitting cross legged. They are made of beautiful and strong hardwoods. They can accommodate just about anyone and make meditating as relaxing as it should be for those that prefer this method.

Contemplation and rumination on a Buddhist meditation bench has just about as long a history as meditation itself. It was originated in the Zen tradition and has been used throughout the centuries by many. Just as with any other posture in meditation, sitting on a bench allows your thoughts to be reflective and allows you to fully receive the many benefits of the practice of meditation.

The practice of reflective thought through meditation can be practiced on the floor or on a bench. Whatever is most comfortable will be the most rewarding. A Buddhist meditation bench can bring the harmonizing practice of meditation to you with without having to sacrifice comfort.

By Justin Hoike

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