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Books on Meditation

Don’t forget, you can find hundreds of different books on meditation at your local library, amazon also have a vast collection of books that are wrote about meditation too. If reading is your passion, here is a list of top rated meditation books that you can buy directly online.

I have included a brief piece about each book for your reference:


Walking Meditation
by Anh Huong Hguyen

A great introduction to walking meditation. And will take you on an exploration of the art of focusing through walking meditation.


The Heart of Meditation
By Swami Durgananda

A great meditation guidebook full of inspiration. If you are struggling to hit deeper levels of meditation, this book may be just what you need. The book has some beautiful quotations from many meditation masters for your enjoyment and contemplation.


Meditation in a New York Minute
By Mark Thornton

This book is great for the go-getter who just can't find the time to sit down and mediate for 30 minutes. Mark tells how you can enjoy lots of mini meditations throughout your day.

Highly recommended


True Meditation: Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness
By Adyashanti

The training here is so direct, easy and clear that it can be easily overlooked by those who are greatly trained in one method of meditation or another, or those with complex belief systems about what it takes to wake up. If your aim is to simply wake up and ascertain what is true rather than learn a system or gather more information, then these CDs are for you.

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