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Zafu for Meditation

Without comfort, the benefits of meditation hardly exist. In order to gain those benefits to the fullest extent, you have to be comfortable and your mind has to be able to forget about your body. If your legs are numbed or your back is sore, your consciousness will continually be pulled back to that pain rather than focusing on releasing positive energy to your core. A zafu cushion gives you all of the cushion and support that you will need for a positive and fruitful experience with the contemplative focus in meditation. 

There are two typical shapes to the zafu cushion. The more traditional shape is a simple round pillow. This pillow is stuffed with buckwheat hulls or natural kapok. The material they are stuffed with is important because these particular materials need to provide the comfort and support you’ll need for a long time. Buckwheat hulls and natural kapok are resilient materials; therefore, they’ll retain their flexibility longer. The simple round zafu pillow can be used to cushion your rear end while giving support to your back and helping to keep your spine in alignment. 

The other typical zafu shape is the half moon. Looking like a crescent, this can be used to cushion the rear like the traditional round zafu, or it can be used to add support to your lower back. It can still do both, but it can also focus on one or the other. The half moon zafu is stuffed with the same materials as the round, so durability is not an issue. This pillow will also be there to fulfill your needs for a long time to come.

As with several other meditation accessories, the zafu cushions are completely portable. You are not restricted to meditating only at home. You are able to take them with you wherever you may travel. They can come with you on a retreat in which you’ll ruminate and contemplate over several days, or they can go with you to an out-of-state family gathering. Whether you’re going somewhere with the purpose of meditation or going to visit others, the cushion will be there with you to allow for you to meditate wherever you may be at whatever time is appropriate for you.

Zafu cushions help your meditation sessions to be all that they can be. They provide the comfort you need to truly obtain a free state of mind. They stabilize your back so that keeping spinal alignment does not become a chore. One may consider them a necessity rather than an accessory for meditation.

By Tim Wayne

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