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Meditation Tables

A bit less known and less practiced than the meditation chairs would be the use of meditation tables. These tables are small, have one small drawer for storage, and are easily portable. They can be quite useful if a meditator decides to reflect in front of a candle or some other accessory.

A meditation table is a small table, usually made out of wood that has one drawer in the center. That drawer is used to hold any meditation items that will fit in it such as candles, calming music, books, etc. This table can be placed directly in front of you as your contemplative mind begins to take over,

This table is easily portable, so traveling is not a problem. Gone are the days when you’d be forced to give up on meditating while on vacation or visiting family. You won’t have to make due with an unclean hotel room floor and only a hard pillow for comfort or support. Innovative designs have made way for the creation of such portable meditation tables and other materials that you’ll never have to go without.

If candle meditation is the type that you prefer to practice, a meditation table will be perfect to hold the supplies you need so that you’re ready any time you’d like to begin ruminating. You will simply take the candle, its stand, and matches or a lighter from the drawer. You may also choose a CD to play in the background. All of these items will fit nicely in the drawer included in the meditation table.

The history of meditation tables is a long one. They have been in use almost as long as meditation has been practiced. There are many items necessary for meditation and these tables make it easier to keep said items together. Also, these tables make meditation available in all sorts of surroundings. Sometimes it was necessary to make meditation happen, portable tables made it possible for monks to carry their prayer books with them on their travels so that they would always have a place to pray. Tables were the answer and continue to be today.

Meditation tables can be of wonderful use. If you travel, they can come with you. If you only meditate at home, they can store the items you use for meditation and be part of your meditation practices. They are solidly built and will be able to serve your needs for years to come. They indeed will become a strong part of your meditative routine.

By Carolyn Marsh

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