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Meditation Stools

Meditation stools are not a necessity yet meditation stools are a good aid to meditation. Since there are a number of meditation stools to choose from, it will take some thought and deliberation as to which one will suit you best. Your main consideration when looking at meditation stools should be comfort!
If the seat of your meditation stool is flat, this will result in a problem with slumping. In order to promote good posture, the seats of meditation stools should have an angle that is tilted slightly forward. This will allow you to sit upright with no effort. If you place a 1” block under each of the back legs of meditation stools, this will help to promote a good angle when you go to sit on your stool. If meditation stools are angled too steeply, then your weight will be thrown forward and this will cause over-arching. It may be that some of the benefits of meditation will be lost because you are trying to over compensate due to lack of good posture. If you are using a cushion on your meditation stool, then it will help to have your weight toward the front of the cushion.

If you have thought about meditating with meditation stools for a few 30-minute sessions, then you will be able to see whether it may be of benefit to you or not. In order to help you determine the correct angle of the seat of your meditation stools, it would be beneficial to you to use meditation stools that have rounded legs. When you sit on meditation stools such as this, it adjusts automatically to the correct angle for your body size. You may still have to adjust the cushions between yourself and the meditation stool in order to obtain the correct height.

An even better answer for your consideration is the use of meditation stools that have an adjustable height. These kinds of meditation stools have adjustable feet at both the front and back of each side. This will enable you to adjust the height of the meditation stool and the slant of your seat. No tools are needed to make any adjustments as the feet lock into place using thumb-nuts.

We have taken into consideration the more traditional type of meditation stools. Two other types of meditation stools are the Folding Meditation Stool and the Meditation Toadstool. Both of these types of meditation stools offer a comfortable and solid support for the assistance of kneeling meditation. The sitting platform is slight angled in order to enhance posture and comfort by allowing the pelvis to tilt forward in order to achieve correct alignment of the spine. Specially designed padded cushions are also available to fit these meditation stools.

By Katie Walsh

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