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Meditation Stool

Many supplies exist to help the practitioner of meditation in contemplation and the pursuit of clear thought. There are incenses and candles, objects of deliberation to focus the mind, meditation tables to store supplies and provide a point of focus, and meditation stools and cushions. A special meditation stool provides the backless seating desirable for this sort of reflection. Sitting with the back unsupported aid rumination by allowing the spine to assume its own natural curvature. This permits deep, calm breathing to occur.  Breathing exercises are important in many schools of meditation. Such a meditation stool is thus worthy of serious consideration. 

There are many options available when looking for a meditation stool. It is best if the stool is made of wood, or some other natural material. The use of natural materials in meditation supplies and furniture helps to ground us in the cycles of nature. This brings us closer to the understanding that the world is a unified whole. Natural materials have also been said to conduct personal energies better than those manufactured artificially. It is also important to choose a meditation stool of the right height. Sitting too low to the ground can cause the practitioner to slump. Poor posture interferes with the ability to remain aware. Too high a seat can lead to a hollow in the back and pinching feelings.  Pain will likewise interfere with the meditation process. A stool with a slight forward angle with facilitate upright posture. Some meditation stools are made with rounded legs, to allow the meditator to achieve the angle which is best for their individual body. Another type of meditation stool which can help with finding the right positioning for contemplation is the adjustable height meditation stool. These are more expensive than those with rounded feet, but each foot can be set to a height independently of the others. This allows you to adjust the height and tilt of the seat easily and also permits the stool to be used on uneven surfaces. No tools are needed for this adjustment.

A meditation stool can be a sturdy piece of furniture; suitable for display on a daily basis, or it can be a folding model. Folding meditation stools are useful for those who wish to practice their devotions while traveling, or anyone who needs to pack up their stool and store it in between meditation sessions. A good meditation stool will be handmade for the purpose. Two basic designs of meditation stool are available. The first has two legs, supporting it firmly on the ground. The second is a central stem type upon which the meditator balances. This balancing meditation can be difficult to master, but it provides a reminder to awareness. Should the practitioner of meditation forget him or herself and settle heavily on the stool, it will tend to tip. This is an excellent and immediate reminder of the awareness we must maintain while meditating.

By Scarlett Johnson

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