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Meditation Shawl

Meditation shawls have been used for thousands of years by all cultures and religions. Meditation shawls are also called prayer shawls by some people, depending on religion and their particular customs. What ever they are called, these shawls are intended to surround the person doing the meditation or prayer session. Wearing a shawl for meditation is traditional as meditation shawls are believed to hold the energy that accumulates and has a beneficial effect on the mind. Also as the body cools down during meditation extra warmth provided by a meditation shawl not only helps the body but stops the mind being distracted. Meditation shawls are usually kept in a sacred space when being use and cleaned occasionally. These shawls are great for meditating, to lie on, to cover up with, or to wrap up in to keep warm.

In Buddhist culture, boys often wear special silk shawls during several ceremonies and processions. Cotton shawls are made for covering and protecting Buddhist sacred scriptures, statues of Buddha and also can be used to cover the utensils of monks. Meditation and ceremonial shawls are of special significance in healing rituals.

Silk Meditation Shawls are made of 100% raw silk and usually trimmed in gold fringe and often have emblems on both sides. Many of these are still made by hand and are of the highest quality. They come in a variety of colors and vary in sizes.

100% cotton meditation shawls are also popular. These meditation shawls and generally a single plain color with an emblem or screen-printing. Woolen and wool blend meditation shawls in used in colder climates. These woolen shawls can be made of lambs’ wool and sometimes depending on the area Alpaca wool. There are of course different blends and often mixed with a synthetic fiber. In some countries the profits made from the sale of the meditation shawls help the underprivileged. Meditation shawls come in many differing fabrics and colors. Some are plain and some come in various patterns on them. The most popular colors are blue, purple, orange or red and there are a good many variegated shawls as well. Emblems are assorted with “Om” being one of the most popular in western society.

Today, some shawls have been produced and claim to give out a soothing, calming, and nurturing energy when worn on the body. This is an excellent tool for meditating or promoting a restful night’s sleep. This meditation shawl also aids in de-stressing, relaxing and protecting from EMF. It has been reported to be effective in clearing and opening chakras, for pain relief and added energy and clarity, and an overall feeling of well being..

Meditation shawls give you the benefit of their energy, the soft feel and warmth and there will surely be a shawl to suit your needs and help give you comfort during meditation.

By Wilma Pettygrew

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