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Meditation Robe

Even today a meditation robe is widely used by monks, nuns, priests, and lay people. The style of a meditation robe fits with the particular culture, religion, and or status of the individual. A traditional meditation robe has been worn in one form or another for thousands of years. A meditation robe is used not only for meditation but are used as a standard of dress in the everyday lives of people all around the world.

A meditation robe is free flowing and allow easy of movement yet comfort when seated in meditation even for long periods of time.

Adapted for the lay person, Zazen robes consist of a kimono, hakama, and collar, each item can be purchase separately or you can buy a full set. They are the informal robes worn by Japanese Zen monks and nuns. The hakama is pleated so that it is easier to fold the legs. There are pockets in the sleeves of the lightweight kimono for holding such things as a handkerchief, wallet, or keys.
A Koromo is a robe for a Rinzai Zen monk or nun is worn over our lay robe set. There is a summer Koromo meditation robe made of Chiffon and has tie back sleeves. The winter meditation robe, also worn over the lay robe is fully lined and made of a strong twill or serge.
A Kesa is modeled on Buddha’s original robe, the Sakyamuni and is a ceremonial shawl worn over a koromo. Made by hand, from large patches of polyester material it is usually tied in place with cord and a metal ring. The kesa has an elegant fall to it.

Satin and Silk Robes, often with gold trim can be used as a ceremonial meditation robe. Silk meditation robes can be worn as an outer garment or next to the skin. A meditation robe like this are nearly always embroidered.

Instead of the traditional meditation blanket or meditation shawl, there is a new soft and warm meditation robe with a hood. Styled to wear meditating or going about one's daily business, this cotton fleece meditation robe is ideal for meditation retreats. The fleece side of the cloak softly caresses your skin. Cloak slips on easily over your head. They are roomy with ample length and having a hood is an added bonus. The meditation robe is made of 100% natural cotton fleece. And a meditation robe such as this can be very easy to care for.

There are of course many forms of meditation robes, depending on your particular needs, where you are in the world and the custom and traditional code of your belief system.

As well as the long flowing meditation robe, there are also loose fitting pants and longer tops in a various styles used for Tai Chi and comfortable clothing of different colors and applications used in the practice of Yoga.

By Geoff Jefferson

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