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Meditation Gift Box

When searching for a gift to purchase for someone else, if they like to meditate, the choices can be endless. Meditation is something that everyone may need. Time to contemplate and ruminate thoughts and events of the everyday life is a healthy way to spend your time.
Those that are just beginning with the idea of mediation would do well to receive something along the lines of perhaps a few CDs that have been recorded with the idea of meditation in mind. These would be CDs that have recorded sounds of nature or other melodic sounds that can be played at a lower volume. These will help the beginner move their state of mind from aware consciousness to the meditative state. In this meditative state, the beginner will allow their mind to free from the other day and let in the positive energies that will push out the negative. A candle is another good idea for a beginner. If they have a hard time concentrating their focus on a mantra or do not feel comfortable making creating a mantra, a candle may be a worthwhile replacement. This will help the beginner focus and feel comfortable at the same time.

For seasoned meditators, something that would enhance the meditative practices that they already participate in might be more appropriate. If they meditate daily on the floor, a cushion may be a good start to a meditation gift box. Granted this would become a bigger box, it would create room for other smaller items. Music for some is a great enhancement tool when meditating. CDs are always a great part of a meditation gift box. Those that use candles or incense in their thoughtful meditative practices will always need more as they use what they have. These are also good to go in a gift box.

A gift box for an extremely seasoned meditator may include standard consumable supplies, but it may also include a trip to a meditation retreat or some classes in meditation. Maybe this person has meditated for many years, but has been reluctant to try Yoga. A class would be an excellent opportunity for them to give it a try without having to commit to making it a permanent part of their routine. A weekend retreat is relaxing and renewing, so this would be a wonderful part of a meditation gift box.

Gifts are wonderful things. For the meditator, there are some things that they will always be happy to get more of. Whether you’re looking to spend a little or have the ability to spend a lot, gifts will always be appreciated and may just make someone’s day.

By George White

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