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Meditation Floor Chair

When preparing your body and mind for a meditative practice, the last thing you will want to do is to have to physically prepare your body for discomfort. You wouldn’t want to have to prepare for the fact that your foot is going to fall asleep. A meditation floor chair will help this to not happen.

Meditation floor chairs are designed to work with you as you open your mind to contemplation and rumination. Similarly to the cushions, floor chairs will give your rear end comfort while supporting the straight back with an aligned spine. Some floor chairs will have the added benefit of having the ability to fold. If your floor meditation chair is foldable, it is easier than ever to store. It will fold practically flat and you’ll be able to slide it under a bed or in another small space. This foldable chair is also portable which makes it nice for travel. Other floor chairs will not have the ability to fold and they will be a more permanent part of the furnishings in your home. They will be just as useful for meditation, but they will need a permanent home among your things.

The cold hard ground has never been the preferred meditation location for everyone. For centuries, some sort of seat has been placed under the meditator. Often, that seat is also on another piece of material called a mat. There have always been people that have been more comfortable meditating off of the floor and this is where the floor chair comes from. In order to continue the all important practice of meditation, but be comfortable and entirely relaxed while doing it, the floor chairs became necessary for some. This practice continues today. Not all people are comfortable seated on the floor. For some bodies, being off of the floor is physically necessary because one cannot gain a complete meditative state if he/she is not comfortable.

Meditation floor chairs can range in price from relatively inexpensive to moderately expensive. It all depends on what you want to spend and what will be right for you. Zafu cushions and the like are relatively inexpensive ranging from around thirty to around fifty dollars. Meditation benches and folding floor chairs are more expensive ranging from around $125 all the way up to $500. Finally, moderately expensive would be the more permanent, furniture-like, meditation chairs which are usually made of wicker and designed with a wide base for the meditator. These chairs can cost anywhere from $500 to $800.

Whether pricey or not, your first concern should be comfort. Comfort is key in meditation and each of these types of chairs will bring more comfort to your contemplative meditation sessions. Floor chairs enhance your meditation sessions which, in turn, enhance your level of health. They are worth the investment.

By Justin Hoike

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