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Meditation Clothes

When setting the stage for a meditation session, you should do everything you can to make yourself comfortable. While special meditation clothes are not necessarily a requirement, they can be an excellent tool for putting you in the right frame of mind for your reflections.

During your meditation, clothing can be a prime factor in how you feel. Meditation is supposed to be a relaxing act, even if you are not feeling particularly relaxed when you start, and the wrong clothing choice can be extremely detrimental to the goal you are trying to achieve in the course of your ruminations.

If you are setting apart some time for an in-depth meditation setting, clothing should be one of the several things you consider. One suggestion is to take a shower before sitting down for meditation, making sure that your body is clean and relaxed from the hot water. Your clothing should ideally be light and loose, perhaps something cotton. 

Pay attention to how your clothing feels while you meditate. Are you distracted by how it feels? Is the waistband of your pants digging into your stomach, making you uncomfortable and irritable? Are you too warm? Too cool? All of these things can distract you from your thoughts and give you more frustration than serenity.

Clothing specifically for meditation can also work as a prompt. If you reach for the same set of appropriate clothes for your practice, you will begin to associate those clothes with the state of mind that meditation brings you to. In New Age parlance, the clothes will be "charged" with the energy of your practice, like a battery might be. This creates a pleasant cyclic effect, where the clothes will calm your state of mind and your state of mind will saturate your clothing.

To choose clothing that feels right to you, first decide what the goal of your meditation is to be. Are you focusing on healing energy or drawing strength from your spirituality? Although above all, the clothing should be comfortable and breathable, there is quite a lot of variation to what can be appropriate. Ideally clothing for meditation should not stress you in anyway. You should feel comfortable and safe while you meditate and clothing can contribute a great deal to this.

Another way to involve your clothing into your meditation is through color. There are many sources that will give you a definitive color association list, but these may not work very well for you. Blue might be a healing color for some, but what if you had a relative that you detested who constantly wore it? And if black is the color of mourning for Europe, it is also the color of wealth and fertility in Egypt. Think about a color and find what association you have with it. Your considerations can lead you to the right color for your meditation clothing much faster than picking from a list of associations.

Meditation clothing is just one way that you can manipulate and control your practice; your contemplations are your own and they should be as unique as you are!

By Scarlett Johnson

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