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Cane Meditation Chair

A cane meditation chair is allowable by any teacher or yogi as a substitute for being on the floor and a cane meditation chair is a really good meditation aid. The main thing to accomplish is comfort. The use of a cane meditation chair helps the person meditating remain as comfortable as possible. This is both a benefit and a necessity at the same time.
Meditation is the practice of concentration upon bringing the mind and body together.  This has been in practice for thousands of years, originating in the Far East and Asia. Eventually, meditation made its way to the west.

It was originally thought that meditation could only be accomplished by greatly advanced yogis or teachers. As we have been shown, meditation can be done by anybody, anytime, anywhere. Meditation can be done quietly through concentration on a central object or thought or by chanting religious syllables called mantras. Meditation can be done almost anywhere.

Starting out, the first thing to do is get into a comfortable position. Ideally, the back would be straight and the legs crossed with one foot in front of the other. Normally this is done on the floor, however in recent years the use of meditation chairs has been rising.

Meditation chairs are constructed of different materials including sea grass, rattan/cane, hard wood and plastics. Of all these, the rattan/cane meditation chair is the most widely used. A rattan or cane meditation chair is constructed of wicker or rattan over an all natural cane structure. There is a cushion that is usually two pieces and washable. The ergonomic design and shape is friendly to any body shape and helps align the spine properly. This leads to complete comfort during the passage to Vipassana or Nirvana.

As the cane meditation chair is completely natural in construction, it does not offer any distraction of upsetting natures balance. By using a cane meditation chair, the meditating individual gleans the benefit of being at one with nature and when one is at peace with the environment, concentration and relaxation follow suit.

In order for the meditator to achieve a deeper state of meditation, he/she must be relaxed, comfortable and completely at ease. Cane meditation chairs aid in bringing the meditator to that place of deeper awareness.

Although these positions can be done in regular chairs or a couch, the level of comfort is not the same. If you achieve greater inner peace and bliss then a rattan or cane meditation chair is a very wise investment.

By Ken Fitzsimons

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