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Salubrion Meditation Chair

If you regularly practice meditation you’ll know how important it is that you have the appropriate meditation supplies. There isn’t much point in trying to meditate sitting on the floor when your feet are going to sleep, your ankles are in pain or you can no longer feel your bum.

It is generally recommended that you invest in some sort of meditation chair. There are many different types of meditation chair on the market and they all vary in price, style and design.

One such chair that we would like to single out is the Salubrion (Pronounced sah-LOO-bree-on) meditation chair. The Salubrion meditation was created by a grandfather and grandson partnership. The Salubrion meditation chair was the brainchild of the grandfather Charles Saiki who has been meditating for over thirty years and decided upon creating a meditation chair because of the constant need to adjust his cushion. Knowing how frustrating this can be it makes sense to create something that does not need constant adjustment, well your not going to get much meditation done when you constantly have to adjust your cushion.

And so through a lifetime of meditation, wisdom and with the help of his grandson Leighton Makoto Ige and his knowledge of product design and engineering, the stunning Salubrion meditation chair was born from the latest engineering technology.

As well having state of the art modern looks the Salubrion meditation chair provides exceptional support during meditation, not only that but due to how well the chair has been designed it keeps your back properly aligned and gives extra lumbar support.

In keeping with the sitting meditation tradition of being slightly raised at the back and allowing the knees to touch the floor the Salubrion meditation chair has been designed with a slightly elevated shape to it, not only does this keep in tradition but it also benefits the meditator with increased blood flow to the legs.

With all these exceptional design features extended meditation sessions are easily achievable as the meditator does not suffer from aches or pains and hence no fatigue due to the comfort of the chair.

If you are serious about your meditation you can’t go wrong with a Salubrion meditation chair.

By James King

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