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Rattan Meditation Chair

The Rattan meditation chair is individually hand made in the Far East by the finest craftsmen, each chair taking over 30 hours of painstaking work to produce. Made from 100% natural rattan, which is what wicker is made from, over a frame of bamboo.

The Rattan meditation chair is of a substantial size, although not so big that it would take up too much space in your home, the sizes to be precise are 31½"W x 18"H x 26"D.

The chair has been designed to assist comfortable meditation sessions, which is why it comes with two well-padded cotton-covered cushions. The chair has an ergonomic design which supports your back, arms, knees and legs. This allows you to meditate for longer periods of times with fewer distractions.

The Rattan meditation chair is sometimes referred to as the Lotus meditation chair; this is because the design of the chair will sooth your spiritual health by supporting the Lotus Position to encourage correct posture and breathing patterns.

Rattan or Lotus meditation chairs are also practical. You can buy a half table made from the same material to go with the chair. The two together would make an excellent place for working on a laptop or for your children to do their homework on and would stop them from slouching everywhere the way we know children always do.

By Roy Powell

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