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Meditation Products

Meditation products cover a whole host of items, from cushions to chairs to bells to pyramids. Here were going to try and focus on the main meditation products or should I say the most well known and used meditation products.

Before I go into the most well known meditation products you may be wondering what exactly is a meditation product, well to put it simply, meditation products are items that can aid the practice of meditation, be that an item of clothing you may wear, something that you use to sit or kneel upon or even something you strike or ring. As you can see I was right when I said that meditation products covers a whole host of items, but don’t worry, once I’ve been through the main items you will have a better understanding of what they are and what they are used for so that you can make an informed decision on what items you require for your meditation practice.

Some of the most widely used and most common meditation products are meditation benches or meditation chairs. Both of these items are widely available on the internet and from any meditation store that you may have near you. Meditation benches and chairs allow you to sit quietly in meditation with a straight spine and no pain in the knees or legs. This as you would understand is pretty important when meditating as you would not get the true value from meditation if you were in pain.

All meditation benches and chairs are designed so that whether you are sitting or kneeling your knees are always touching the floor and your rear is always slightly elevated so that you are in the correct meditative posture.

Another widely used meditation product is what is known as a meditation cushion or zafu. These are basically what they sound like, cushions for meditating, although I’m not saying you can use a cushion from a sofa and have the same experience as meditation zafu’s are purposely made for meditation and like chairs and benches are made to raise your rear and keep your knees on the floor whilst also making sure that you are comfortable throughout your meditation practice. Sometime though, meditators are still unable to find complete comfort from using them which is why a lot of meditators opt to purchase a meditation zabuton, which is a padded mat which is placed underneath the zafu so that the meditators knees are no longer directly on the floor but are instead cushioned by the zabuton making an overall comfortable meditation posture.

Alongside the practical meditation products that you wear or sit or kneel upon there are many products used in the practice of meditation. Below is a list of such products:

  • Meditation Clothing (cloaks, robes & tunics)
  • Statues
  • Incense and Incense Burners
  • Bells and Gongs
  • Malas (Also known as meditation beads)
  • Books, Audio and Video
  • Meditation Room Furnishings (Screens, flooring, tables, chests)

All of these meditation products that have been mentioned can be used one at a time or all together depending on your preference. You can even create your own meditation room to store and use all of your meditation products so that you are never interrupted and always have a private, spiritual place to go to whenever the need to meditate is present.

By Sam Norton

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