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Meditation Cushion

You can get a meditation cushion (or Zafu to give them their proper name) in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, but all meditation cushions have the same purpose. The purpose of a meditation cushion is to make your meditation more comfortable so that you have a deeper more fulfilling meditation session.

A meditation cushion naturally rises at the back which in turn lengthens the spine and allows correct alignment, which deepens breathing and increases circulation and flexibility. This allows your knees to be situated on the floor for the optimum posture for meditation.

Not only can you use your meditation cushion on its own, you can also use it with a meditation mat (Zabuton), which sits underneath providing cushioning for your knees so they are no longer resting on the hard floor.

Meditation cushions are so versatile that you don’t actually have to use them for meditation all of the time, they can be used to provide extra support or cushioning to an uncomfortable chair or they can be used simply as a piece of sitting furniture, I’ve even known of dogs using them as their own lounging chairs.

By Mark Lewis

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