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Meditation Clock

Your own meditation clock allows you to wake up naturally and happily to the beautiful resonance of a slowly increasing chime (like that of a tinkling bell in the Himalayas or Tibet.). A meditation clock makes waking up a beautiful experience and once you use one nothing else will do. When you awaken to this beautiful and gentle sound it sets the tone for the day. Throughout the meditation clock's gentle and progressive awakening, you can focus on dreams, affirmations or think about what you are grateful for in life, while you are in an Alpha State. And it’s not just for waking up that you can use a meditation clock for, no, a meditation clock can also be used to time meditation sessions or meetings as well.

There are many different types of meditation clocks with various sounds to choose from. Wall clocks and mantle clocks also make exquisite ornaments for the home. A compact traveling clock means you never have to revert back to waking up startled and alarmed. Any type of meditation clock will make an extremely thoughtful gift for anyone.

By Sandy Stooge

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