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Meditation Chairs

Comfortable meditation chairs will create the correct posture and can make an enormous difference to the success and enjoyment of your meditation session. Meditation chairs, by achieving the correct posture, will create better breathing patterns for you and also prevent discomfort, enabling you to enjoy a deeper more relaxed meditation session. A basic and simple meditation chair will be much more comfortable than your standard chair or the floor.

There are many types of meditation chairs, all designed to improve the practice of meditation, such as benches, small or medium chairs and there are also meditation chairs which are inflatable. The more comfortable you are during meditation, will result in all your attentiveness and focus being about your meditation session which will result in you achieving a much deeper and more relaxed state. Meditation chairs give comfort and support to the spinal column, knees, and ankles. They are wonderfully designed pieces of furniture that make meditation a more fulfilling experience.
There are various chairs from portable wondering monk meditation chairs which can fit into a bag for traveling around with you, to samurai chairs – from dhyana chairs to the amazing tantra chairs. There is an abundance of testimonials from people who have purchased and enjoy the comfort and pleasure from their meditation chairs. Some people buy them to benefit more from meditation and some buy them because they are beautiful, ornamental pieces of furniture that anyone would be proud to have in their home.

Meditation benches add a kneeling variation to sitting, although they can be hard and uncomfortable on your knees. Bench Cushions give extra padding which some people choose. You can select from buckwheat hulls or kapok fillings to name just a couple. Some cushions have velcro attachments to secure the cushion to the bench keeping it tightly in place. Also, these cushions give excellent lumbar support. Simply place them at your lower back.

Some meditation benches have a rounded bottom surface to allow the meditator to adjust spine and pelvis alignment by rocking forward or backward to attain an perfect stress free position. Meditation Benches are mainly helpful as an option to cross-legged sitting when suppleness is limited.

If a meditation chair enables you to enjoy some of the many benefits including inner peace and bliss then it is truly a very wise investment.

By Phil Pemberton

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