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Meditation Benches

Meditation benches can really add to your meditation experiences. Comfortable meditation benches will create the correct posture for your spine. Meditation benches, by achieving the correct posture will create better breathing patterns for you. Meditation benches will prevent discomfort enabling you to experience a deeper more relaxed meditation session. The basic and simple meditation bench will be much more comfortable than your ordinary chair or the floor.

One of the fundamentals to achieving a perfect state of meditation is having the correct posture. Practitioners have known for centuries that the proper sitting technique enables the body to be relaxed. The purpose of proper sitting techniques in meditation is to allow the body to be at ease and be closer to the earth. With that being said, why would we use meditation benches that pull us away from the earth? The answer, it allows an alert but restful position which enhances breathing and stimulates the relaxation response.

The relaxation response is a state for the body when there is decreased muscle tension, lower heart rate and blood pressure, a deeper breathing pattern, calming of the belly, and a peaceful, pleasant mood. It is funny that in America we are only really taught to sit in this position during mediation. This posture is called autonomous sitting, it is sitting without back support, much like babies do. It is an overall healthier form of sitting.

Mediation benches are known as the kneeling bench. It is a small wooden bench that is placed behind the knees of a person starting their meditative process. Meditation benches allow better blood circulation through the legs. The meditation bench puts that body in an angle that keeps less stress on the muscles, tilting the pelvis forward so that there is a more natural curvature of the spine, again promoting the relaxation.

Meditation is a neutral state for the body. This should be a state of repose, looseness, relaxation, melting, and reset. It is sitting with a relaxed body that has no pain, struggle or difficulty. During meditation the physical body is finding a place where it can let go. The mind, spirit and emotions are able to work on what they need to with out being bothered by the body. With the body then settled down the mind is able to be freed from its constant unknowingness and move to new levels of awareness.

Important to note, most mediation benches are created with multiple styles of meditation posture in mind – Burmese, Sky and Kneeling – this allows a practitioner to have the most flexibility with a single bench. Conventional meditation benches have folding legs on hinges so that the benches are easily portable.

Using meditation benches will enhance your meditative experience. The meditation bench promotes better circulation and puts less stress on the muscles in our body. This allows us to get to a more relaxed state and become more focus. Mediation benches take away a possible distraction for those who find themselves becoming uncomfortable during their meditation. Allowing for a more beneficial and enjoyable meditative experience.

By Lorraine Cooper

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