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Meditation Bell

A meditation bell can be used to signal the start and end of a meditation session. There are also many types of meditation bells available. A meditation bell can be used in a group session where the time keeper will ring the bell at the beginning of the session and again to signal the end of the meditation session.

There is also a meditation bell in meditation clocks, these help you keep track of the time of the meditation session if you meditate on your own.

People have found that using a meditation bell helps them to concentrate on their meditation rather than thinking about the time. If you use a meditation bell you don’t have to worry whether your meditation session has over run or is not long enough.

The use of a meditation bell is said to have some psychological effects and if you use the meditation bell on a regular basis your brain will learn to associate the bell with a meditation session and will help your body to instinctively relax when the bell sounds.

Our free meditation course comes with a timing CD that has a meditation bell to signal the end of your five, ten or twenty minute meditation sessions.

By Petra Kovlinksy

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