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CD Meditation

Our CD meditation course is free and was professionally developed. It is available for instant download by clicking here. The course was originally designed for CD but was converted to MP3 for easier access; however it can still be burnt onto CD, click here for instructions on how to put the course onto CD Meditation course includes:

Contents of CD Meditation 1:

  • Introduction
  • Benefits
  • My Story
  • Course Content
  • Mantra Choice
  • Myths
  • Preparations

Contents of CD Meditation 2:

  • First Meditation
  • Guidance
  • Visualization

Contents of CD Meditation 3:

  • Discuss Experiences
  • Second Meditation

Contents of CD Meditation 4:

  • Discuss Possible Issues
  • Expectations
  • 5 Minute Timer
  • 10 Minute Timer
  • 20 Minute Timer

The CD meditation course available since February 9th 2007 will guide you through each process of meditating from start to finish and will give you an excellent understanding of how to meditate.

The course will help you understand what to expect and maybe more importantly what not to expect, as meditation is sometimes explained in some weird and wonderful ways which make people often think that they are not doing things correctly. The course is simple yet extremely effective and people from all over the world are already experiencing some remarkable results from the course and the complimentary exercises.

By Sidney Jameson

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