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Yoga and Meditation Techniques

Yoga and meditation techniques are powerful and effective ways to enhance health and well being. Remarkably, today you can find yoga and meditation techniques being implemented in management of life threatening diseases as well as relaxation techniques. Yoga and meditation techniques are proven tools for stress management; the bottom line is that yoga and meditation techniques can help you to relax your body.


Yoga teaches both the body and soul how to be harmonious and to create a symphony of life and originated way back in the 4th century BC. Yoga has different techniques that are helpful to reduce high blood pressure and introduce relaxation into the body.

Yoga has helped thousands of older adults regain or maintain independence through exercise, breathing and meditation techniques that assist in the improvement of mobility, circulation and muscle strength; it can also relieve common problems such as insomnia and stiffness, as well as increasing stamina and promotes overall well being.


Meditation is about getting in touch with the wisdom within. Meditation has been known to cure common problems of depression and schizophrenia or irrational fears and meditation has also been shown to improve sleep and reduce chronic pain.


Millions of people would like to practice yoga and meditation techniques but find it impossible to persevere for any length of time to master and enjoy the profound health benefits from higher stamina and energy levels, reduced blood pressure, stress and anxiety, better sleep, a stronger immune system and an enhanced state of well being.

Throughout thousands of years, yoga and meditation techniques have evolved from the time of Buddha who is universally associated with meditation and whose teachings were spread widely across the Asian continent.

Each country developed their very own way of practicing yoga and meditation techniques. Although it is acknowledged that meditation is largely a spiritual practice, it is also used to assist with healing.

The different techniques of meditation can be classified according to their specific area.  Some people may feel uncomfortable with these techniques, as they are spiritual, but they do not have to have any specific religious belief or idea – they simply promote spreading love.

When you learn and practice yoga and meditation techniques, you are assisting your body in balancing hormones and the emotions. There are also basic yoga and meditation techniques that work with children.

By Wilma Pettygrew

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