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Meditation Teachers

Meditation teachers can be found all over the world. The best place to seek meditation teachers are online whether it is to help you with your meditation journey or help you on your way to becoming one. Meditation teachers are a must when learning meditation. They help you into a deeper relaxed meditation much quicker than practicing on your own.

Becoming a meditation teacher can be difficult without the correct information. As you probably already know meditation is an age old practice that calms the body and controls breathing while focusing your mind. You have reaped the benefits of meditation. Your life has changed for the better, with improved health and a deeper sense of spirituality. You want to share this life changing practice with others, so you decide to become a teacher of meditation. How do you do it? Depending on the discipline that you practice you may have to go to a teaching college or workshop or you may be able to take a more relaxed and informal approach.

There is an old adage about “those who can’t do teach,” this is not the case with meditation. Meditation teachers are regular and consistent practitioners of their discipline of meditation. Knowing the style of meditation that you are teaching, can only truly be taught by experiencing it yourself. Repeated practice is the only way for you to build the confidence that is needed to guide others on this path to better living. You also need to know meditation philosophy, have the knowledge of the major meditation text and spiritual figures.

It is now time for you to find out if the style of meditation that you practice offers any special instruction on how to become a teacher. You will find that there are a lot of programs that are home study based and offer certificates or diplomas for completing them. For some people finding workshops and seminars to attend offers better guidance. Transcendental meditation for example does offer workshops for practitioners that have mastered this form of meditation and are interested in teaching it.

Transformation meditation is one style that has home study courses offered by the National Board of Certified Counselors. The offer courses in learning how to meditate and use transformation to teaching transformation meditation as well as one style of yoga.  By going through these home study courses you become a certified teacher of transformation meditation.

There are also programs that offer diplomas and certificates for basic meditation techniques. An example of this can be found at Open College, which can be found online. They offer a 6 month home study program that teaches varied aspects of Zen meditation. In this program you learn the techniques for proper posture and breathing and focusing the mind.

Looking for the extra boost that your personal experience with meditation needs and for help to make you a better meditation teacher you can turn to This is 12 month long course that is not discipline specific and its goal is to give you an in-depth journey through the spirituality, psychology and philosophy, that is behind meditation and it includes highly practical applications. Once you complete this course you will receive a diploma which you can use with your style of meditation and begin teaching.

There’s a lot that goes into becoming a meditation teacher. The discipline or style that you practice has different guidelines for becoming a teacher. It is highly recommended that you take courses and learn from other meditation teachers to further your personal journey. Doing this will make you a better teacher, you will have more to offer your students and you will gain a deeper personal experience.

By Geoff Jefferson

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