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Meditation for Dummy

Meditation for dummy or dummies can sound quite insulting. In truth, meditation for dummy is the simplest easy way to learn and practice meditation. Meditation for dummy or dummies is a very popular paperback book and meditation CD combo, that is taking many individuals by the hand and helping them to learn the art of meditation and inner reflection in a simple, straight forward and easy to follow book.  Meditation for dummy or dummies is meant for the beginner; however, there are many antidotes and tips to help the adept in their own ruminations as well. Once you have read it you will be listening to the included CD and meditating in hardly any time at all. All the while, you will be training yourself to meditate and appreciate the contemplation within for as long as 20 to 45 minutes or more in a day’s time.

Stephan Bodian, the author of Meditation for Dummies explains not only the history of meditation and the results of research findings of the benefits of meditation, but some of the various methods of meditation and deliberation as well as his advice on getting the most benefits from daily meditation and inner reflection. He offers this information in such a way as to design for those who are new in this area of the study to the worlds within and without as a fresh and good-humored practical guide of Meditation for dummy or dummies. He is able to give this advice in an insightful and well-expressed manner while sharing his many years of experience not only as a teacher but as someone who themselves have learned to meditate and develop in the art of contemplation and deliberations.

In the first part of his book, Meditation for dummy or dummies, he gives us much thought on the reasons for meditation such as becoming more serene while the blood pressure balances out and we are able to release the daily stress we so often carry along with us. He also explains the foundations of the beginners mind to become motivated by attitude toward thoughts and inner reflections. This allows us to gain a fruitful bearing on the practice of inner contemplation and meditation. He urges us to stay open minded and to let go of all our hesitant attitudes as well as any expectations we may bring with us into the practice of daily meditation. Bodian also counsels his readers to maintain a fresh and simple worry free perspective when learning about self-rumination.

In the second part of this lively, yet simple and subtle book of Meditation for dummy or dummies the idea behind taking on thoughts and inner reflections come with more clarity as well as covering the practice of meditation basics. He also gives tips and pointers on the different postures as well as the manner of preparing for daily meditation and a special chapter on learning to open the heart chakra and the ability to develop compassion for all things.

In the third part of his book, Meditation for Dummies, Stephan Bodian the author offers his time learned and experience in his mystic advice on the development of good wholesome relationships when there are problematic feelings, thoughts or sensations involved. Highlighted in this last chapter is an exploration of the nature of the self as well as finding a teacher to guide you with your deliberations of meditations. Included are the paths of awakening of a traditional learning from inner and outer thoughts, which is a process that is encouraged to go more deeply into the practice of meditation and its bounty of blessings by the use of reflection and rumination. In its conclusion, Meditation for dummy or dummies offers ideas of nurturing self-awareness while living a daily life and how it allows the process of healing as well as performance enhancement while following the easy to use book and CD.

By Sandy Stooge

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