Meditation Education

By practicing meditation education could improve immensely. By practicing meditation students could become happier and healthier and ultimately by practicing meditation education would become a far more enjoyable and rewarding experience for our children. What if students were given the ability to deal with stress in a healthy way? What if our children were better focused and could deal with decisions, large and small, with clarity? Could meditation education in schools help prevent tragedies such as school shootings and even bullying? Can meditation help students do better on tests and quizzes in education?

There just is no better way to deal with stress than through meditation. Meditation helps us think with a clearer mind and more relaxed body. Through meditation we are able to gain control of our minds, bodies and thought, where we otherwise assumed we could not control them. Children can become naturally healthier and happier students through meditation education instead of the use of prescription medication and the wide variety of mental illnesses our children could be wrongly diagnosed with. Meditation has no negative side effects and can help our students in many ways. Meditation education can provide students with a clearer mind able to work through tests and social problems with ease and consideration.

The benefits of meditation can certainly be used in education to relieve stress, anxiety, worries, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, decrease depression, and even a tendency for violence.
Many more people are starting to believe that transcendental meditation education should be taught in schools. It helps students think clearer, be less distracted and just generally healthier and happier. In an article in the International Herald Tribune it states, “New research appears to be strengthening the case for teaching transcendental meditation education in United States schools, showing it to be a means to improve the concentration of students and a way to enhance their physical and mental well-being”.

A study on college students showed that those with elevated blood pressure relieved that with just fifteen minutes of transcendental meditation two times per day. There have been many more studies done that show students who practice meditation regularly are overall healthier and happier children than those who do not.

Now that these studies are being done with significant findings towards the numerous benefits of meditation in education, groups of teachers, parents, educators, and even physicians are working to bring transcendental meditation education into schools and education for the purpose of relieving students’ anxiety, stress, depression, and violence.

If meditation education where brought to schools in the United States it would probably have to be in the form of a health class, such as gym and other health classes. If it were taught in health class then parents would not worry as much as if it where taught during regular classes. As long as parents would understand the benefits of meditation and that it would have no connection to religion in the schools, then it would work. It will take a lot of people and a lot of work to begin meditation education.

By James King

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