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Kids Meditation

Kids meditation encourages children to listen to their inner self. Kids who practice kids meditation are really getting a fantastic start in life. They will experience inner peace, happiness and calmness. Adult mediation and kids meditation are not too dissimilar so would be great to practice together. 

It is natural that our life’s journey begins with self discovery. Meditation skills are simply an aid in developing the skills required for deeper self discovery that are clearly a benefit to your whole family. Children sometimes get sad, and children very often worry too much about things they simply don’t understand. Kids meditation teaches children to love themselves and be comfortable with their feelings. Kids meditation is an excellent teaching tool, for teaching the skill of deliberation and contemplation without fear. It is important to consider an extremely powerful often negative influence that infects the lives of children, peer pressure. Kids meditation is the teaching of self love. Self love and high self esteem is without question the most effective weapon against the destructive influence of peer pressure.

Children do suffer stress. Kids meditation helps children to deal with stressful situations like exams and other experiences of the human journey.

When considering kids meditation it is interesting to remember that we are all like children in the spiritual world. In fact, our children are often more aware and more advanced spiritually than ourselves. Certainly children are far more open to reception than perhaps most adults are in their early meditation experiences.
Jesus spoke the truth when he said that we “must become as children to enter the kingdom of heaven”. This is in agreement with all philosophies. The perfection of meditation is to become almost childlike in heart and mind. Therefore kids’ meditation is not introducing some strange and unusual doctrine into the lives of your children. Introducing your child to meditation is like assisting your child towards a light filled with love and wonderment.

There are many benefits for children learning kids meditation. Obviously children benefit from improved relaxation and stress reduction. Kids mediation trains children to sleep better and ultimately meditation has a very positive effect on your whole brood when families get involved. In fact kids meditation could be the key to raising happy well balanced children. Kids who have learnt to meditate perform better both academically and creatively. Kids meditation enhances concentration in children and creates better memory.

Kids meditation encourages your offspring to improve their self help skills finding real strength to grow and develop spiritually with greater self awareness and inner understanding. Kids meditation gives children power over their own thoughts and feelings, not by suppression but with understanding.  Children who meditate experience increased tranquility and are better equipped to deal with potentially stressful situations with deliberation and contemplation.

By Sandy Stooge

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